Greta Angelus is an angelus that works for the Angelus System as part of Angelus District 5511.


After Ulisses was created, he was assigned to Greta and Chun as their trainee. He accompanied Greta on her DAO, Ana, where she showed him the sorts of things he needed to do to protect his protégés. They followed her in a taxi to the veterinarian, Greta displaying the angeli ability to transmit through taxi drivers. They waited around at the vet, before heading back to the office. The following day, Greta and Chun helped Ulisses around the fitness centre, before they were interrupted by Fred, who wanted to speak to Ulisses. That night, they went to a bar, where Ulisses firmly stated that he wished to be called "Uli", not Ulisses or "rookie", as they'd been referring to him. Heading back to the office, they noticed a man being arrested, and Greta surmised that Uli had something to do with it.[2]


Greta has a habit of stealing items from humans, such as a sock and a pen.[2]




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